Having recently had a serious illness I wanted to leave a story of my life for my children. Robyn helped me realise this dream. It was an extremely liberating experience to share my story with Robyn in a sensitive and caring environment. I felt much lighter for the experience and it allowed me to let go of several things once I had said them out loud. Overall it was very cathartic. I was able to review my story and on reflection include the pieces of my story I wanted included and let go of others. Robyn made the whole process very renewing. Thank you, Helen.

August 2016

The books arrived safely and I thought they were fabulous, loved the front cover and the hard cover was a great finish and the contents set up beautifully. I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on presenting Annette’s Story. I have to admit I felt awkward having a story written about me but my daughter assures me it is a great legacy for the special people in my life. I had also been intrigued about my grandmother and great grandmother’s life who had passed before me and would have treasured a story of their life.

Annette Frimmer
Annette’s Story
March 2016

We held Emery’s book launch a couple of weeks ago … it was a great success and a very touching moment. Thank you so much for helping make those stories come alive in his very own memoir. Mind you, there could be a possibility of a volume 2!

Anthony Thompson
With Open Eyes  – Emery Tallos
November 2016

I approached Robyn from Story of My Life because I wanted my mum’s story of her life written. The end result is simply amazing – the written story, the layout and the included photos. I just love it! It will be a lovely book to hand down to the family and a precious keepsake. The one thing that stood out for me in the process was Robyn’s professional and friendly approach and how easy it was to discuss ideas and options with her.  I found the experience extremely interesting and completely stress free. I would highly recommend Robyn to anyone who would like to have their story written.

Angela Del-Grande
Annie’s Story
April 2015

I have had the pleasure of telling my life story to Robyn. This was my daughter’s idea. She wanted me to tell my story and picking the right person to do it is so important. Keep in mind my daughter lives in Singapore. Robyn managed to draw a lot of stuff out of me that I had forgotten about and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to tell their life story.Thank you, Robyn.

Barry Rugless
June 2013

I must admit ‘My Story’ was the last thing that I could imagine myself doing. However, when it was offered I thought ‘Why not ?’ Thank you Robyn for your time, your graciousness and your lovely happy face and smile. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your enthusiasm for putting my story together for my children and grandson is most appreciated. Another wonderful side to it was that there were a few surprises for a few people!
Wish you well Robyn.

Garry Easton
March 2011

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. A psychologist (with all my respect to those people) could have never done what you did for my deep emotions.
Take care and good wishes from Bobbie (Apolonia) Boer

Bobbie (Apolonia) Boer
June 2011

To Robyn without whom it would never have been a book.
Many thanks.

Judith Handley
Curriculum Vitae (An Unorthodox Version)
November 2011

Robyn Swanson came into my life just at the right time. I might have abandoned my efforts in writing my story as I had gone as far as I could go. Robyn was able to bring it all together in a cohesive way and make my story come true. She is a lovely woman who treated myself and my writing with respect and interest and has made it all possible.
Thank you Robyn.

Leonie Hosey
He Died in the Light A Love Story
April 2012

Robyn has worked with me on a very personal project involving the editing of a manuscript I had written about my experience with cancer both as a survivor and a carer for my sister who died from breast cancer. From the very first time we met I recognised that Robyn would handle the assignment with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. We agreed time lines, discussed creative content and what I wanted to achieve. The document flows and communicates my intention and still keeps its integrity to the original manuscript. The result is a book that I am personally very proud of.

Christian Harper
Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Disease
May 2012

Thank you, Robyn, for transcribing my handwritten travel diaries, some from forty years ago, into my travel book. Robyn sorted out abbreviations, place names, suggesting layouts and placing photographs. I am very pleased with the final result.

Fiona Payget
You Should Have Been Here Last Tuesday – Lifetime of Adventures
March 2013

I’ve known Robyn since she was a teenager — so approaching ninety it was a big thrill to have her as my biographer. Her warmth and compassion helped me to complete my memoir. A daunting task for such a long and adventurous life. I would never have completed this family history and ‘legacy’ without her help.

John Barnard
January 2013

I was fortunate to meet Robyn Swanson when I was compiling the story of my grandfather’s life. Robyn worked creatively and ethically with insight to present the history of my grandfather’s life in both a factual and entertaining way. She organised information from many sources and coherently put the pieces of the jigsaw together. I am thrilled with our collaboration which has resulted in a wonderful record of my grandfather’s life which will remain a document of interest to family and friends.

Shirley Dean
Grandpa’s Story
September 2014

I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Dharawal people, the traditional owners and custodians of the land where I work and live.