Launching the Mini-Memoir


I’m not suggesting that you write your life story in six words but it can be done. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s extremely short story of six words, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”, an American publication, Smith Magazine, launched a month long Six-Word Memoir contest in 2006 whose legacy lives on. If you google “6 word memoir”, you’ll see what I mean.

A written life story doesn’t need to be as long as War and Peace. Of course it can be but quite often the essence of who you are can be captured in far fewer pages.

If you’ve been thinking of having a life story written, for yourself or someone you know, then the mini-memoir could be a great option.

In a few sessions, I will record your story and create a memoir of up to twenty pages in length, including written text and photographs. The price of $1500 includes interviews, transcribing, editing, proof reading and scanning and a digital copy

for printing or creating an ebook.

What a great way to tell your story.

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